Daily Archives: April 28, 2021

Press Release 28-04-2021

Coinomize makes Full Privacy on Blockchain Possible

The idea of “crypto privacy” is known to all of us and is one of the key reasons why people enjoy working with Bitcoin. Though some people might say that Bitcoin provides independence, but it does not offer complete privacy. And that’s true.  Although no name appears during transactions, people can still identify you by […]

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Investors mistakenly buying the wrong bitcoin
Current News 28-04-2021

Investors Mistakenly Buying the Wrong Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most valuable digital currencies to date. The well-known crypto tokens are becoming more widely accepted by traditional banking systems but still struggle with third-party regulators. Bitcoin has exceeded record-breaking values multiple times in 2021. The cryptocurrency’s market activity has fallen into slumps, causing market analysts to express concerns about Bitcoin’s […]

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