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AI Is the Future of the Metaverse

AI Is the Future of the Metaverse

A Digital World Created by a Machine

We are all very familiar with the metaverse at this point and how it can become the future of gaming. A virtual universe where people and objects can be interacted with in real-time. It is a big world to build up, but we have seen that even things thought to be impossible can truly be possible in the digital world. A huge contributor is not a person but in fact one of the newest and smartest talents out there, ChatGPT. The Artificial Intelligence program is one of the most sought-after “minds” behind the building of the digital universe. It can help provide some of the most important information and data that is necessary to actually make it possible.

Machines Have Better Moral Standards Than Us

Virtual assistants will play a significant role in the metaverse, and with the help of GPT, the program can provide insight, functionality, recommendations, and behavior for these assistants. There will also be a native language inside and it can decode and write this language to make it easier for the users to communicate with the assistants. Also, a big role GPT will get is to create content like world-building, by generating high-quality content. The most important role ChatGPT will get is to help with the moral status of the metaverse. It all depends on how we react to each other and so calls for the essential ethical and moral implications the world needs. The AI program can give insight and recommendations on how to improve the metaverse to become a force for good.

Your Artificial Wish Is Your Command

A new AI tool has proven to be a great step forward in the world-building of the metaverse. It´s a platform on Web3 called Oncyber that just revealed a tool to customize their virtual environments via text command powered up with ChatGPT. With a single line of text, you can now drop in an NFT showcase directly from your connected crypto wallet, customize your paintings, change the sky, and more, much much more. Oncyber CEO Rayan Boutaleb said that the next step will let people portray any dream or hallucination in to a 3D canvas, and they are not far off. The goal is to remove any boundaries by having fewer and fewer limits to what you can do to the program. Monday the 20th of March this year Oncyber had a test of its beta version with invited guests, and Boutaleb said that it is not long before it reaches the public.

With Great Power Comes Also Great Risk

The incorporation of GPT technology will evolve in the future and stretch out to more subjects like healthcare and tourism. But bringing AI programs into the metaverse can also be a risk that can cause ethical and security challenges. It´s interesting to see how they tackle all obstacles but also how far we´ll get with the evolution of Artificial intelligence.