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Antique NFT Tennis Racquet to Be Auctioned on OpenSea

Antique NFT Tennis Racquet to Be Auctioned on OpenSea

A Collection of NFT Tennis Racquet´s

There is nothing new about collecting digital NFT like art pieces or digitalized land and avatars in games. But now they are taking antique objects like historical weapons or decorative objects and getting them digitized. But the most recent and popular trend is a digitized collection of antique tennis racquets that’s just been announced  as the world´s first collection of tennis racket NFT´s. It features a range of different rackets from all kinds of eras and which has also been curated carefully and authenticated by experts. The antique rackets NFT collection will be auctioned on the world´s largest NFT marketplace OpenSea. Tennis fans and collectors are expected to show and the bidding will start this spring.

Best Rackets but Not for Playing

Since this collection is the first of its kind it will mark a huge significant importance for the NFT market going forward. It will definitely spark interest from both collectors interested in sport and tennis enthusiasts all over the globe. Every antique collection will include rackets from different eras including wood and steel rackets from the 19th century, but there will also be vintage rackets from the 1920s and 1930s. All of the NFT will include a detailed description and backstory about the racket and what it has accomplished over the active years. The buyers themselves will get some insight about the world of antique rackets. The collections does not only contain tennis rackets but also tennis balls and postage stamps, which also contributes to all of the collector’s interest.

Tennis Racquets Could Lead Nft´s Forward

The world of NFT´s is still quite new but it is becoming much larger and interesting for people. The sale of antique racket´s collection will definitely help NFT´s popularity to gain and peak interest to more out there. Since it is growing there has been a lot of unusual items for sale on the platform like digital art and virtual land and real estate. The possibilities for NFT´s are just beginning to be explored and while some criticize it others feel it’s a great connection between collectors and enthusiasts. More will become interested in the world of NFT´s and it’s just a good thing to expand it to create a more vastly expanded territory for everyone to explore. For now, we´ll just have to wait and see what happens and tennis fans plus collectors will have to eagerly wait until OpeanSea starts its bidding on the antique racquet´s.