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Coinomize makes Full Privacy on Blockchain Possible


The idea of “crypto privacy” is known to all of us and is one of the key reasons why people enjoy working with Bitcoin.

Though some people might say that Bitcoin provides independence, but it does not offer complete privacy. And that’s true. 

Although no name appears during transactions, people can still identify you by following the blockchain transfer string – which is public.

At least, that was the case before Coinomize launched its Bitcoin Mixer

A bitcoin mixer is starting to become widely used by many bitcoin users today. It is an online tool that helps people maintain their privacy while continuing to transact. You can look at it as a positive spin-off in the industry where information is protected. Just like all  new systems, there can be perks and downsides to everything. As such, it is always great to know the basics, so it is easier for you to assess the best bitcoin mixer.

How Coinomize solves the privacy issue?

Your wallet account is so easy to monitor in just a few days because there aren’t many transfers to take into account. In less than a couple of minutes, anyone can get to the source of a transaction.

And thus, Coinomize decided to develop something that can expand the transfer string and make outsiders sick of getting to point A.

The platform also removes all user-related data records within 72 hours of the transition to ensure further privacy.

What are the costs?

The costs for such an advanced technology are actually pretty small.

It all depends on the mixing power and time delay that you choose. Then, the fees are set between 1% and 5% of the sum. 

That’s all.

So how does it work?

The process requires three steps, of which the software does two. 

Nothing here is difficult.

You just have to add some Bitcoins in the pool on Coinomize. Then wait for the software to transfer your Bitcoins to other players thousands of times. After that, you’ll get them back, with a much bigger transfer string on the back.

Here are some things you should know about bitcoin mixers:

a. You should take the time to read through the terms and conditions. Before you sign up with a specific bitcoin mixer, you would want to make sure that you have read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly if they have one. There will be some critical areas that you need to know about before closing the transaction. Understanding the terms, if you decide to quit, is equally important as when you sign up. This ensures that you are still able to step away with your money and earnings.

b. Do your research about the system before you give out your information. Some bitcoin mixers can be very complex while others may be too simple. You should read through reviews and see the overall feedback of other users before you make a final decision. In some instances, some systems may appear very simple but provide poor encryption about the info it holds. Coinomize offers the highest level of security.

Taking a deep dive into the bitcoin industry requires a lot of your attention to understand how you want to manage your business overall. This includes making an educated decision about whether you want to use a bitcoin mixer or not. You only need to bank on your time and strategic planning, so it will be easier for you to look out for the qualities of a great mixer. By doing so, you are not only guaranteed great income from the bitcoin exchange, but you can also count on having a reliable mixer to support your transactions

Ready for the next level of the crypto area?