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Cryptex Launches the World’s First Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap Token

Cryptex Launches the World’s First Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap Token

The cryptocurrency market has topped the one trillion dollar mark and caught many financial operators’ interests. Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP reign as the leading cryptocurrencies on the digital market, with altcoins nipping at their heels. However, digital marketing gurus have been processing a new token to debut that captures the market’s entirety.

Word has spread about a decentralized finance project geared toward permitting access to the one trillion dollar cryptocurrency market. The Defi project is being led by Ethereum 2.0’s found alongside Prysmatic Labs’ developer and expects to influence the digital market by the next quarter. Joe Sticco and Preston Van Loon have united to create Cryptex and launch a new token in digital currency operations.

Cryptex’s TCAP adds a unique spin on blockchain features by stepping outside the fixed basket token exchange boundaries. TCAP is an abbreviation for the world’s first Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap that offers real-time exposure for the entire sector of cryptocurrencies. Rather than integrating several cryptocurrency solutions, users can use TCAP to access the full network.

Collateralized and Audited Total Market Capitalization Powered by Chainlink

Cryptex is a reasonably new firm to the digital currency playing field, but it has introduced cutting edge advances that could revolutionize the market. The company has approximately five hundred test volunteers and the support of significant liquidity operators within the United States. Cryptex aggregates data compiled from several analytic providers into a single, smart contract solution.

Chainlink derives price data from influencing the market and promoting a stable environment of valid tokens backed by financials. The decentralized finance project will launch tokens similar to Bitcoin’s infrastructure without the limited boundaries and capped markets. The metric tied tokens present potential market dominance by offering ETH gas and hah rate and twenty-four-hour trading volume. TCAP uses Chainlink to secure data with tamperproof chains.

What Does TCAP Mean for Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies?

With TCAP set to go live on trading markets, Bitcoin and other digital currencies continue to experience unprecedented highs. Bitcoin’s success is attributed to 2020’s pandemic that slaughtered global economies. However, digital currencies proved to be volatile long before interest in outside markets began growing. TCAP breaks down previous barriers on crypto trading platforms by permitting access beyond basket based tokens. The TCAP token has collateralized backings to promote growth within financial instruments.

Several institutionalized platforms have hinted about upcoming regulations and enforcements, but TCAP tokens may be just what decentralized currency markets need to avoid third-party interferences. The crypto market’s reputation regarding stability slowly transitioned through 2020, and it is making brand new waves with TCAP’s introduction to the blockchain market.

Using Chainlink’s Framework for New Possibilities

Cryptex has utilized Chainlink’s framework to develop new possibilities for the growing cryptocurrency market. TCAP expands the crypto market exposure beyond Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP tokens to use other products on a decentralized network. The future ecosystem of digital currencies is predicted to experience unexcelled matchups in the upcoming crypto lineup.

Cryptex’s off-chain solutions will bring digital currencies to an unpredicted and historical pivot point. Blockchains’ inoperability and second layer networks remain significant obstacles with the varying goals of different chains. Cryptex’s newly developed token is expected to rock the crypto market from top to bottom. As Bitcoin breaks all-time highs in the first few weeks of 2021, the world awaits TCAP’s potential and solutions.