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Crypto in a New Metaverse

Crypto in a new Metaverse

A New Reality

The Metaverse is a digitally virtual environment that is fully immersive and interactive, a separate universe of some kind that can be found online. The concept is to connect the virtual world with the physical one and merge them together to create a new world. Of course by now this doesn’t exist but developers are creating technology to soon make this a reality.

What Does Crypto Have to Do With the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is very similar to a video game in a way. And in a game you need money to pay things with, all considering what kind of game it is. But in reality the currency that can be used is cryptocurrencies. So in concept all transactions will take place via crypto and the verse will be able to use a blockchain technology to verify the owners assets and ensure that nothing can be stolen or duplicated. This can mean that the whole cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can be revolutionized sooner or later when this whole universe comes to play.

Different Kinds of Crypto in the Verse as of Today


  1. The Sand box: Its a digital world created by users where they can generate and sell digital content within the game. The in game currency called SAND, which is built upon Ethereum Blockhain, can be bought and sold with different kinds of cryptocurrencies to acquire land, buildings and accessories. All virtual of course.


2. Decentraland: Decentraland is also built up using Ethereum Blockchain network. The token which is used is called MANA and with that you can purchase land, experience, avatars and digital accessories. Those who own MANA or has bought some virtual property in Decentraland are aloud to take part and vote in their organizations proposals and decisions. 


3. Axie infinity: if you have ever played the game Pokemon then it´s pretty much the same thing with Axie. You train a creature named Axies and compete against each other. Earning AFX tokens can be used to purchase new Axies or enhance their abilities to further use them in the virtual world. An Axie was sold for the equivalent of $820 000 which is the most expensive one ever sold.


4. Crypto baristas: This one is probably the one that is related to reality more than the others. It is mostly used by coffee enthusiasts where you can use tokens to purchase virtual coffee and connect with other enthusiasts. It’s not just connected virtually, it also funds a real life coffee shop in New york city called Coffee bros. They have proven how the metaverse can connect to the real world.

The Metaverse Might Be Near

Well there is no way to tell when exactly we´ll be playing in the Metaverse or if it will never happen. Even though many have started using some versions of it we´ll probably have to see if it develops further. It’s quite unsure of how the future will look like for the Metaverse.