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Crypto-Scammers Pretended to Be Partnered With ChatGPT

Crypto-Scammers Pretended to Be Partnered With ChatGPT

Lately, there has been an uprising in interest for the new artificial intelligence program ChatGPT which has helped so many with everything from school projects to work-related items. But the internet still being a big separate universe means it can be very uncontrollable, and some have tried to use this as an advantage to steal money from people who are unknown to the fact itself. The perpetrators or scammers are very skilled in using phishing methods to lure their victims by believing they are on the actual sites when in fact they are looking at a complete copy of the site. And that´s how they get you.

Artificial Intelligence Scammers

A Blockchain security firm by the name of PeckShield noted that there seemed to be a scheme of the pump and dump technique. It’s when the price of a coin is “pumped” artificially via a misleading statement probably and then sold or “dumped” for a much higher price to unsuspected victims. This time the scammers were said to be working together with the AI program ChatGPT. PeckShield posted a Tweet saying that they had detected a lot of BingChatGPT tokens being created where three of them appeared to be honeypots and two had a high sell tax. Honeypots are when a scammer creates a fake crypto wallet for people to purchase or invest in posing as a legitimate organization just to steal cryptocurrencies and  high sell tax is when the scammer increases the sales tax usually they put it to 100%.

Much More Value Behind the Curtains

Microsoft announced earlier this year that they are working on a new AI powered up by the Bing search engine and Edge browser. Leveraging the partnership they had with OpenAI to make this new Bing AI more powerful than ChatGPT by creating a new next-generation OpenAI large language model specifically customized for search. Already BingChatGPT has coins issued on BNB chain, Ethereum, and Arbitrum worth up to thousands of dollars in trading value. And the original ChatGPT has 175 coins whose value is up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in trading value.

New Programs Mean New Profit Possibilities

The sudden impact and interest of ChatGPT have made a lot of scammers able to profit big from pretending to be partnered with them. Now that there is a new AI coming it´s probably just a second away from being used too. With new technology going so fast forward, it´s going to be easier for scammers to fool people.