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CryptoCasinos Launches First International Crypto Gambling Comparison Site

CryptoCasinos Press Release

Crypto gambling is a phenomenon that’s rapidly growing, and it certainly brings something new to the world of traditional gambling. It’s a perfect match, being able to choose your own limits without anyone looking over your shoulder – while simultaneously being safer than ever before. is a new site that guides players in finding the crypto gambling sites that best fits their needs. The site offers top lists and guides for a bunch of different categories of gambling, as well as functionality such as quick facts and extensive reviews for each casino. The english version of the site launched back in June 2020 with quick plans to expand and reach more regions. The site recently launched in Germany, France and Sweden, and is planned to launch in four more countries in the coming months.

The market has seen massive growth in the recent months, with more and more brands starting to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. The growth can partially be attributed to more and more regulations taking place regarding traditional casinos, and bitcoin casinos being unaffected in the matter. The growth can also be attributed to the usage of blockchain technology in these casinos, with the games being provably fair and payments being much more secure. Cryptocurrencies on it’s own has also grown a lot in popularity over the past few years, with many lotteries in India now adapting it as their only payment option.