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Darknet Hackers Selling Crypto Accounts for as Low as $30 a Pop

Darknet Hackers Selling Crypto Accounts for as Low as $30 a Pop

Darknet Market Cybercrime Attack

Cryptocurrencies have been rising a lot in the last few years and it has also increased the level of cybercrime. Hackers get more opportunities and find new ways of exploiting the vulnerability in the digital currency ecosystem. The hackers out there are very quick in finding the most recent ways to hack other people or use phishing techniques. One of these “trends” involves hackers using compromised cryptocurrency accounts and putting them on sale on the darknet market. The hackers are then offering these accounts containing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies for the little price of $30.

Investigations of Darknet Cybercrime

The trend allows hackers to sell stolen accounts for a small price and because of this, it´s a very small risk of detection and prosecution. Recent reports from,, and CoinTelegraph have been claiming the fact that these underground markets are very common and are rising to a greater risk in the past few months. The accounts have been compromised by different kinds of methods, probably by phishing scams, malware, or social engineering attacks, and are then sold to buyers. The accounts usually contain a large sum of cryptocurrencies making them prime targets of cybercriminals. They are attractive sets of accounts with low costs and an easy way to make a profit or engage in illegal activities such as money laundering or cyberterrorism.

Hidden Darknet Cybercrimes

The reason why the Darknet is such an ideal place for these illegal transactions is because the buyers and seller can remain anonymous, and often uses cryptocurrencies which uses blockchain technology and can therefore not be traced. This is too easy for the criminals to use the platform and conduct the transactions, which makes it a perfect place to carry out all of there activities with a minimal risk of detection and apprehension. Law enforcement agencies are well aware of the problems and are getting quicker in apprehending the issues at hand. Recent arrests and prosecutions of cybercriminals have poven the fact that these crimes are not tolerated. Even with the authorities in their backs, the darknet still remains a haven for cybercriminals.

Cyberspace Thriving Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency still are under attack from different kinds of threats like phishing scams, ransomware, and vulnerabilities in exchanges and wallets. When the value of crypto rises so does the cybercriminals intent on striking. Users must safeguard their accounts to secure themselves from criminals. As crypto evolves new cybercriminals will arrive, but with strong security and protective measures, perhaps it would help against illegal activities.