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El Salvador to Launch Education About Bitcoin

El Salvador to Launch Education About Bitcoin

El Salvador Lightning Network

In El Salvador, new courses containing Bitcoin and Lightning Network development are set to be launched by the government. According to the Bitcoin office, their CUBO+ program will feature an advanced Bitcoin engineering course, spanning several months. It´s available for anyone who is qualified with credits and placement opportunities. Tether, the developer of USDT and Fulgur Ventures, is behind all of the work since they are a BTC and Lightning-focused investment company. The Bitcoin education project aims to educate 250,000 students by the end of 2023.

They Are Not Letting Just Anyone Teach

The government announced that “the biggest names” in the Bitcoin community will be coming in to do the lectures and become mentors. Soon they will reveal all the mentors and they seem very proud of it. Their aim is to let them work with the brightest computer science students El Salvador has and by doing so, show the world that Bitcoin is for everyone. The responsible factor for all this is probably that El Salvador just opened its first Bitcoin Embassy in Lugano, Switzerland. It started in October 2022 and it also fired up CUBO+, stating that it will be a new beginning for courses in Bitcoin. Though the road has been unstable it’s still going through. A survey was conducted after Crypto was legalized, in September of 2021, pointing to the fact that 77% of the population in El Salvador did not think BTC adoption had benefitted them in any way. Despite this, CUBO+ will still happen and they do not seem to stop.

An Education to Span Across the World

A clip was released on Twitter of a teacher educating students about Bitcoin. The teacher is showing how to receive BTC through the Lightning Network. The students are also educated on different topics like nodes, double-spendings, and Bitcoin halvings. My First Bitcoin is the name of one of the courses which claimed to have educated over 10 000 students in 2022 and will hopefully increase it 25 times this year with over 25 000 students joining. One of the teachers says that the idea is not just to educate the students in el Salvador but also to get other countries to replicate what CUBO+ has built up.

Priorities That Need to Be Sorted

Since the adoption of Bitcoin becoming a legal tender the country has tried to mass adopt it in many ways. The president is eager to build the city into a Bitcoin community that would be tax-exempt for income and property. According to a source, El Salvador has been buying one Bitcoin every day since November 18th, 2021. Unfortunately, they have suffered a 61,82% decline in the value of their holdings resulting in a total loss of over $67 million. So perhaps they do need a bit of education.