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Harvest Keeper Turns Out to Be Phishers

Harvest Keeper Turns Out to Be Phishers

An AI Out for Phishing

On March 19th CertiK posted a tweet stating that Harvest Keeper is definitely a scam and no one should interact with their link. The AI-based dApp had fooled users that they were AI to offer high returns for investors. More crypto security firms had also reported the crimes saying that the project has pulled the rug and walked away with nearly $1 million Apparently they used a privileged getAmount function that drained about $700k in USDT and the rest was stolen through ice phishing transactions across Ethereum, ESC, and Polygon. The crypto market is somehow being dominated by AI, and a lot is experiencing significant expansion in this matter. And it seems Harvest Keeper took advantage of this.

The Trust in AI Makes for Easy Targets

Harvest Keepers described themselves as an innovative project based on artificial intelligence. They were completely sealed off from the human factor of trading which made it generate profit 24 hours a day. They claimed to be able to help users with turbulent market conditions and offered an automatic trading system with high efficiency. They took advantage of the high rising in AI and managed to garner huge transactions in a short amount of time. The offering was a 4,81% daily reward and a 101% ROI in three weeks. As you can hear it´s like any scam, the price is too good to be true. But despite this and many warning signs, both from people and also from just reading the terms of the deal you are getting, a lot of people got caught in the phishing scam by clicking the link.

More Than One “Phisherman”

Although the phishing scam was caught off guard there is no suspect whatsoever or any evidence leading somewhere. People are desperate to find out who stole all of their money without any luck. The victims have to fight for their possessions since there isn´t much to do, unfortunately. Even though the  Harvest Keeper scam has gotten a lot of attention it´s strangely very small in comparison to so many more from last year. 2022 saw the Wormbridge hit for $321 million for example, which puts the Harvest Keeper down the bench. These scams happen all over the globe as we speak and are very usual, especially when so much is happening on the internet with artificial intelligence which is new and undiscovered for many.