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Power Outages Caused by Crypto Miners

Power Outages Caused by Crypto Miners

For a long time, Abkhazia has been targeted with power outages and long blackouts. It´s not really confirmed at this moment if they are in some way connected to all of the crypto-mining issues they´ve also had, but it seems like the most probable answer. The state security service of Abkhazia has been battling the crypto miners a long way back now and their track record goes so far that they have seized over 5,500 devices in total to this date.

Working Against Two Issues

According to the head of the department Rober Kiut, the agency has added over 130 more devices to the collection. The operation in hand took place on February 4th in the Gudauta district, Gagra district, and Sukhum city. Despite the success, the department has reported that there is still more information to be gathered in other areas and the agency will keep going with this in mind. The vice president of Abkhazia, Badra Gunba, held a meeting the next day about the energy supply and illegal cryptocurrency mining. The outcome of that gathering resulted in the matter going to Chernomorenergo, Gosstandart, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the state security service to inspect all electrical networks around the districts.

The Mining Never Stops

For years now the miners have been blamed for all of the constant blackouts and power shortages. Many claims that the miners have been connecting their rigs directly to power networks around the districts causing people’s homes to lose power. The miner’s attempt is to collect cryptocurrencies for free, hence the name mining. Abkhazia was the first for mining, even going so far as setting up a mining techno park dedicated to mining coins. But it took a fast turn when the power outages started to come around, and within no time the coin mining was banned. Russia, a collaborator with Abkhazia, is constantly helping them by providing electricity across the border. The Russian provider, Chernomorenergo, has stated that if the load of power does not decrease, the flow of electricity will be turned off.

Not Even Remotely Close to an End

Every week the government has meetings about the issues and the prime minister has even stated words about it calling it a suffering for the people thanks to the miners. The  operations made have confiscated over 5,500 devices and as stated above, 130 devices this month. Even with this accomplishment, everyone knows this is but a drop in the ocean, and more is to come.