RobotEra, a New Crypto Metaverse You Can Control

RobotEra, a New Crypto Metaverse You Can Control

The Multiverse Is Real

The metaverse has been causing a lot of attention over the last few years. It´s an open end to what can be done and if it´s possible to live an extra life in the suggestive metaverse. There are many different kinds of digital universes like the giant sandbox or GameFi´s projects such as Axie Infinity, all mostly NFTs that exist like digital land. But all of that is changing now since RobotEra revealed their new project which will be more like gameplay and gaming experience in the metaverse. RobotEra is determined to transform the landscape by creating a community-based environment focused on world-building that includes game modes, competitions, and incentives. 

A Digital Infrastructure, a World Within a World

The idea is a dystopian future with the style of a cyberpunk world where you can design your own robot in your own unique way and live freely around the world. In this universe, you can work in different categories where you help plan the infrastructure of the world itself by building houses or mining with a reward being the in-world currency. There are even game modes where you can race others in high stake strategy games or even battle others in robot fights. The only limitation you have will be your own imagination and you´ll have to have plenty of it since you can get rewarded for everything you do. As a participant in the RobotEra NFT marketplace, you can get the very best items and customizations. Some skins are worth up to billions of dollars, and this is something to profit from by minting and selling customizations. But the good thing is they are developing a rich transactional experience for the user as a secondary feature while the gameplay itself will be transaction free.

An Escape Not So Different From Our Own

The robots on the planet inside the metaverse will have human-like minds and feelings and must build up the planet from the ground. Tasks can be given out ranging from building, energy collecting, and building up an economy that supports the player’s identity within the 10,000 robots, 3D NFT, and Tarot metaverse. Users can stake their tokens and create voting rights, making a few users become important figures in handling the building of the metaverse. The more support the economy gets the more you can earn. Buying land and customizing it to your own liking whilst selling your robot NFTs there will be an endless possibility to stay for all the intriguingly fun details that will be inside the digital universe.