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Tamadoge, Play and Collect in a New Type of Metaverse

Tamadoge, Play and Collect in a New Type of Metaverse

Metaverse but in an Old-Fashioned Way

Play-to-earn games are very popular at the moment and they exist everywhere on the internet. It is a new kind of game where users can play for the exchange of cryptocurrencies or real-world rewards. The software uses blockchain technology and lets the players use a transparent transaction when winning a game or achieving milestones. One of the most popular games in this category is Axie-infinity which is where the player can take on the form of a creature called Axie and earn the in-game cryptocurrency called AXS. All of these cryptocurrencies you earn can be traded into real-life currencies. But now there is a new play-to-earn game out there taking the world by storm, and it´s called Tamadoge.

A New Future in Gaming

Tamadoge is a new gaming platform tied to the very popular cryptocurrency, meme coin. It is a new beginning for the Play-to-earn platform which will push the limits to make it a full-blown experience like never before for every player. They use a new token called $TAMA and in the verse, you´ll be able to breed, feed, and fight with your NFTs. Soon it will expand onto Augmented reality experiences meaning your NFTs are allowed to play with their friends in the Tamaverse. At the moment you can play various kinds of arcade games in which you can earn different kinds of tokens and rewards. Then there is the NFT section where you purchase them to upgrade and boost abilities inside the arcade games to increase the possibility to earn more $TAMA.

Expert in the Lead Gains More Hype

The aim is to turn Tamadoge into the top Web3 platform, and now they got a new lead on the team with Ozan Daldal becoming the head of gaming. Tamadoge is supposedly ranging wider to attract more audiences around the world than existing Web3 games to welcome thousands of new gamers into the platform. Ozan is no stranger to delivering, he´s an expert in the industry and has previously held senior positions in crypto and gaming. The plan is to expand on the already existing arcade. The 90s-style Tamagotchi which the NFTs on this platform are based on is expanding to become Augmented to jump out of the screen into the real world where it can hunt for rewards and treasures. It´s safety say they have loads of great ideas to lead Tamadoge forward.