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Bitcoin Value Spikes Above $20,000 and Reaches a New All-Time High

Bitcoin Spikes in Value to Exceed Previous All-Time Highs

The spiking rise in Bitcoin value has exceeded professional predictions by dominating the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Data shows Bitcoin currently performing at an all-time high as CoinBase continues to drop down the charts.

While 2020 has brought new financial difficulties to global economies, Bitcoin prices have nearly doubled in the past few weeks. Data analysts state Bitcoin is on a direct path to driving price gains substantially in the foreseeable future.

In terms of Bitcoin’s price action, the cryptocurrency giant smashed its previous all-time highs in 2017. Professional analysts also believe that Bitcoin will continue to increase in value significantly as the new calendar year switches over.

A rapid appreciation cycle has drawn attention to the crypto’s voluminous bulls over the past few weeks. The majority of cryptocurrencies are experiencing surprising spikes and increases that have left experts reeling with shock.

Does the All-Time High Value of Bitcoin Matter?

Some markets feel the record value spikes of Bitcoin matter very little because the blockchain currency has experienced previous points before severe drops. These same markets believe the increased value gains don’t necessarily indicate long term sustainability, but they believe the spikes will stimulate market growth. If the price tag history repeats previous years’ patterns, Bitcoin could potentially gain tremendous magnitude on the charts.

Traders seem to have gone bullish since Bitcoin smashed its previous record high price values. Even during times of struggle against Ether, Bitcoin has maintained a balanced value that is noteworthy and respectable. The rally between Bitcoin and Ether continues to battle on rising market value, but Bitcoin notoriously has a history of coming out ahead of the game. Even though Bitcoin’s price action has lulled dramatically, traders appear to stay true to bull trading behaviors and tendencies.

Open Interests of Bitcoin Futures Making Waves on the Market

According to recent data, Bitcoin futures have taken over several open market positions. Available futures have fixed rates to help manage future pricing predictions with minimal room for errors. After the Bitcoin explosion in May of 2020, investors were driven to alternative resources to avoid dollar decline. As more investors opted for the futures market, the cryptocurrency’s potential future grew by leaps and bounds.

As COVID 19 hit the world, open interest collapsed and left positions desperate to cover financial losses. Taking a bet on substantial future pricing doesn’t typically predict the short or long overall statistics related to market activity.

Bitcoin has been adopted into the mainstream, which has caused a whirlwind chain of events that proves it to be a viable asset. Bitcoin has the potential to influence future markets with small price changes without diminishing available profit margins.

Demand for Premium Performance to Achieve Long Term Positions

The surge in the price of Bitcoin has experienced gains of over one hundred fifty percent. The price increase of the cryptocurrency has skyrocketed in value for various reasons, but the new coins’ introduction rate contributes significantly to the price hikes. 

While Bitcoin once stood as an experimental digital exchange asset, it has now taken over as a useful and valuable exchange medium. The price surge of Bitcoin has expanded at record volume and price value. Investors remain hopeful regarding the future of Bitcoin’s value.