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Ethereum Finally Hits $600 to Surpass All-Time Previous Highs
Markets & Prices 08-12-2020

Ethereum Reaches $600 and Surpasses All-Time Previous Highs

For the first time since the summer of 2018, Ethereum has achieved new heights in the crypto exchange market. Ethereum rose fourteen percent to a price it hasn’t accomplished in two years. By finally hitting $600, the cryptocurrency increases in value over its previous records of only $500. As the crypto market begins to expand […]

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Bitcoin Spikes in Value to Exceed Previous All-Time Highs
Markets & Prices 26-11-2020

Bitcoin Value Spikes Above $20,000 and Reaches a New All-Time High

The spiking rise in Bitcoin value has exceeded professional predictions by dominating the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Data shows Bitcoin currently performing at an all-time high as CoinBase continues to drop down the charts. While 2020 has brought new financial difficulties to global economies, Bitcoin prices have nearly doubled in the past few […]

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The Spread of COVID 19 Continues to Boost the Value of Digital Currencies
Markets & Prices 23-11-2020

The Spread of COVID 19 Continues to Boost the Value of Digital Currencies

The beginning of the 2020 COVID 19 global pandemic marked the debut of digital currencies into the mainstream. The negative economic impacts of COVID 19 lockdowns forced loyal conservatism in Europe to make the switch to cryptocurrencies and cashless financial payments. Using DLT based solutions, global businesses slowly started to change the public’s attitude regarding […]

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