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Current News 04-05-2022

Acardex Begins ACX Token Pre Sale To Early Buyers, As Staking Platform Goes live on Cardano!

Acardex announces the successful Beta release of acardex staking platform on cardano testnet. A big thanks to our community for their continued support and patience as we worked to push this across the finish line.  Acardex is utilizing Cardano’s ecosystem which allows ADA holders to stake their tokens and be rewarded with Cardano every 5 […]

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1xBit Announces the Big 5 Tournament Is Still on & Many Prizes Left
Current News 15-03-2022

1xBit Announces the Big 5 Tournament Is Still on & Many Prizes Left

The BIG 5 tournament, a special lottery with a total prize fund of 5 BTC, is continuing, announces 1xBit. The first monthly prize draw is done, and the participants have recently received their awards. Now is your chance to be among the luckiest as the tournament continues. You can still join the race and start […]

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Current News 04-01-2022

How to Find the Best Crypto Online Casino Bonuses

Today, cryptocurrency casinos are more popular than ever, with several benefits over traditional online casinos. Crypto casinos are a relatively new addition to the online gaming market. In addition to regular banking alternatives, players are free to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to make deposits and withdrawals when gaming online. Aside from providing a more […]

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Current News 13-12-2021

Cadalabs records increase in token and virtual land demand after V2 web upgrade

There was a stir in the Cadalabs community when Cadalabs project developers began its first website upgrade, thankfully the website was successfully concluded yesterday which the members applauded the team for their relentless effort towards the growth of Cadalab Ecosystem. The team made it clear to its users that the project has alot of upcoming […]

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Poly Network Hack: Noble Mr. White Hat
Current News 25-11-2021

Poly Network Hack: Noble Mr. White Hat

On August 10, 2021, the hacker committed the largest heist in history, stealing $ 613 million worth of cryptocurrencies from the Poly Network token exchange platform. In the immediate aftermath of these events, some investors began to concern their Polygon (MATIC). Although there were absolutely no grounds for such concerns. The confusion came from the […]

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The Importance of Bitcoin's Block Reward
Current News 19-09-2021

The Importance of Bitcoin’s Block Reward

By 2020 everyone was familiar with Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and the famous block reward. Thanks to the incredible Bitcoin halving in May 2020, the block reward was cut in half, and this triggered a bull cycle in the market. So, if you want to learn more about Bitcoin and its ecosystem, it is very important […]

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Current News 14-06-2021

Support Your National Team at Euro 2020 and Win Crypto Prizes!

Without a doubt, the year 2020 was far from the best for the sports industry as there were many highly anticipated sporting events lined up that were canceled because of the spread of the virus and following pandemic restrictions. That’s why even one of the most significant one – Euro 2020 – was canceled and […]

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Press Release 28-04-2021

Coinomize makes Full Privacy on Blockchain Possible

The idea of “crypto privacy” is known to all of us and is one of the key reasons why people enjoy working with Bitcoin. Though some people might say that Bitcoin provides independence, but it does not offer complete privacy. And that’s true.  Although no name appears during transactions, people can still identify you by […]

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Investors mistakenly buying the wrong bitcoin
Current News 28-04-2021

Investors Mistakenly Buying the Wrong Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most valuable digital currencies to date. The well-known crypto tokens are becoming more widely accepted by traditional banking systems but still struggle with third-party regulators. Bitcoin has exceeded record-breaking values multiple times in 2021. The cryptocurrency’s market activity has fallen into slumps, causing market analysts to express concerns about Bitcoin’s […]

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dogecoin vs bitcoin
Current News 22-04-2021

Dogecoin vs. Bitcoin: Which Is Better For Getting Profit?

Dogecoin and Bitcoin have recently made impressive waves in the market. For Dogecoin, the market capitalization recently surged over $50 billion. The coin has grown with over 2400% increase. This was mostly fueled by influential tweets in support of the coin, especially from Elon Musk and some popular investment associations. Simultaneously, Bitcoin remains a leading […]

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